Meet The Owner

Welcome to Amalfi Swiim…

My name is Sophia, I’m 20 years old and during the pandemic I discovered my passion to create a bikini and clothing line that meant something to me— and young women— who possess a spirit of fierce independence.

With so much time to explore my creativity, I spent the summer of 2020 with my cousin learning how to make a bikini. At first, it was just something to do, then we got into it, and before long I realized this experiment was growing into more. More than a challenge, it became my obsession to learn something I loved.

I knew absolutely nothing about fashion, sewing, branding, or being an entrepreneur but I knew I had to learn. For me, this story is about sharing my process and passion with you because achieving a dream is about growing our confidence—TOGETHER xo.

I am here to include you, every person, size, color & shape…
Here are my goals and mission.

I am for you,
I am for us,  
To be & feel courageous.

Be Your Self, In Your Body
Believe In Yourself, In Your Heart

Remember every time you wear Amalfi Swiim
Be all of YOU!
Because each & every B O D Y has a story…
And that story is your *SuperPower*
TOGETHER, we are—your Lucky Bikini

Deserves to be loved,
Every single day.

Flaunt your flirt,
Your curves,
And your passions, Amalfi ~ style.

TOGETHER we shine forward,
A new future that may change the world,
One confident moment at a time.

Here for you on your hard days, long days & favorite days…
Amalfi Swiim